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7 Reasons Why Your Scholarship Application was Rejected

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Ever wondered why your scholarship application was not successful? Do you feel the committee did not favor your application for no just cause? Many people ask why they were not selected for a scholarship when they were the perfect fit for it. Because of that, some people allow their imaginations to run wild, leading them to have no clue.


It surprised many people when someone with a more impressive list of achievements was not called for a scholarship interview. In contrast, the other with minor achievements will be the next scholarship recipient.

Reasons Why Your Scholarship Application was Rejected

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To an extent, Scholarship Application is a thing of luck, but most of the time, the reason your application was rejected out of your own misdeed. There are some things you probably did that got right. Here is the list of other things you can (and should) do to ensure your scholarship application doesn’t end up in the bin. So, here are the primary reasons your scholarship application was rejected and what you should do when applying next:


1. You were not eligible for the scholarship

The first possible reason your application was rejected could have been your ineligibility for the scholarship you applied for. Every scholarship has its criteria., and even the provisions for a scholarship could be changed from year to year. You completed all the needs but may be rejected because you were not eligible.

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Reading the specific scholarship requirements is the first thing you should do before applying. If a first-class only application is one of the criteria, don’t apply if you have a second-class qualification. You are from Uganda, yet the scholarship is for South African nationals. The scholarship can also be for PhD candidates; however, you want to pursue a master’s degree. Using the selection criteria, you can avoid wasting your time and effort on applications for scholarships that might not be awarded to you. Let’s be reasonable in our expectations.

2. Your Essay was not good enough 

This is one other reason your scholarship application was rejected. If an essay is required, it’s frequently a crucial component of getting a scholarship. It has the power to accept or reject you. Suppose you have too many spelling errors or have it written for a commission. The selection committee will probably find it to be too obvious to ignore.

Give yourself plenty of time; read the instructions carefully and seek advice from a family member, friend, teacher, or counselor. Ask them about the things they think are your great features and pen. Write your essay following the instructions. Therefore, I suggest that you prioritize quality over quantity. Your finished result should sound intelligent and well-informed, unlike a machine-created one. If the essay is excellent, save a copy and make a few edits so you can use it when applying next for other scholarships.

3. You did not apply for the Program

That’s true. You might not have received the scholarship because you did not apply for the program. In other words, you were duped. Often, it’s simple to identify these scholarship scams out of the myriads of online opportunities. One way to do so is to determine one of the conditions that call for submitting an amount of money.


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Linking scholarship information to a college, group, or person with a solid online presence is the most straightforward approach to avoiding scammers. Strong is the keyword in this sentence. Therefore, do your research before spending time applying for a scholarship.

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 4. You missed the deadline

It’s simple to mention a scholarship you intend to apply for and then forget about the deadline. This is one of the factors that led to the denial of your scholarship application. Many candidates get off to a beautiful start when filling out the applications and lose focus. Additionally, students can become overwhelmed by the massive amount of scholarship application essays or accidentally delay in the problematic aspects where they must compose an essay.


Another explanation for missing deadlines is the lack of attention. Here’s a trick: When you have too many scholarship applications to handle, set two reminders: one for the month before the deadline and another a week to the deadline date to send your application.

NB: No matter how busy, do not wait till it’s a week before finally sending in any application to a scholarship that receives thousands of hopefuls.

5. You limited your application to a few scholarships

The world is your oyster. There is no limit to the number of scholarships you can apply for. You may use as many as eight for a chance to be successful in one! Trying to juggle multiple tasks at once might be difficult. But in the end, it will be worthwhile. Research is the first step. Find a credible scholarship website so you are privy to every option available. Almost all university provides some finances to entering students. Apply right away. You can now understand one of the factors that led to the denial of your scholarship application.

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6. You provided incorrect details

Surprisingly, this is a standard error in scholarship applications. You forfeit any possibility of success if your contact information is inaccurate. You won’t ever be aware that you were the recipient of a $2,000 scholarship that may have assisted you in paying for your expenses. Before submitting, double-check your phone number, Skype name, email address, etc., to avoid that.

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7. Lastly, lots of Grammatical errors in your application

Grammar mistakes were a significant factor in why your scholarship application was turned down. By failing to make sure that your application is submitted in the best possible way—complete with fact-checked information, well-organized documents, accurate spelling, etc.—you are conveying to the scholarship committee that you don’t care whether you receive the scholarship. You could make mistakes in your application in a variety of ways without realizing it. There might not be enough room to answer every error, but here is an attempt.

● Inferior grammar


● You sent an incomplete application form

● Attached are irrelevant/incomplete documents

● Submitted a dirty or torn application

● Used impossible-to-read fancy font

● You didn’t answer the questions correctly

● Submitted a younger photo as your ‘recent’ picture

● Gave vague descriptions in your application

● You were off-point from the beginning

You can learn why your scholarship application was turned down in the end. Additionally, make sure to amend your subsequent application with the appropriate changes.

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