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5 Full Funded Scholarships for International Students in Canada

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Whether you’re a Canadian student looking to finance your education or an international student looking for fully funded scholarships in Canada, here are a few things you should consider.


You can find a variety of scholarships and fellowships on this page for Canadian students studying or conducting research abroad, as well as for overseas students. Various organizations, including the Canadian and foreign governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and others, offer these awards.


Global Affairs Canada is the organization in charge of managing Canada’s participation in many international fellowship programs. Our mission is to promote intercultural understanding, create global citizens, develop leaders, and aid in the growth of nations.


Here are the top 5 fully funded scholarships for international students in Canada:

1. The Ontario Trilum Scholarship

To assist outstanding and top-notch international students in finishing their PhDs and doing their research and practice more comfortably, the Ontario government established this program in 2010.

Following the initial year, grants for the Ontario Trilum Scholarship (OTS) are renewed every three years and are worth $40,000. The grantee must always remain in good academic standing, continue to meet eligibility requirements, and receive the scholarship during the three years.


Students applying for the Ontario Trilum Scholarship must have the following:

  • Possess a current study permit for Canada and desire to undertake full-time graduate studies at the Ph.D. level (Doctoral) program leading to a degree.
  • Have an outstanding academic record at the university and be an outstanding researcher with exceptional research experience.
  • Be present and enrolled full-time in the Ph.D. program at the institution at the award’s start date and through the end of the program.
  • Students at qualified Ontario universities in Canada benefit from the OTS.

2. Vanier Graduate Scholarship for Canada

The Vanier Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS) program is outstanding since Full Funded Scholarships for International Students and is valued at $50,000 per year for three years of doctoral study at a Canadian institution.

To attract top intellectuals and great minds to Canada and establish the nation as a critical research and higher education country, the Canadian government initially launched the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship in 2008.


Every year, the government chooses 167 new recipients for the renowned Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.


Graduate students applying for the Vanier Scholarship must demonstrate academic achievement and other critical graduate-level skills.

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered as a Vanier scholar: 

  • Be enrolled in a Ph.D. program at a Canadian university and meet the evaluation standards for academic excellence, research potential, and leadership; additionally, applicants must receive a nomination from the aforementioned Canadian Institution of choice.


It is possible to look up the scholarship deadline on the university’s webpage for more details.


3. The Master’s Scholarships for Graduate Study in Canada (CGSM)

This Full Funded Scholarships for International Students is entirely based on permanent resident status and is open to international students worldwide. The fellowship funds students’ research in the humanities, social sciences, engineering, and other health-related subjects.

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This grant, which has a yearly value of $17,000 and is renewable like several other prestigious scholarships,

According to annual statistics, the award aids about 2000 international students who are enrolled in various programs throughout Canada.


Candidates for the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Program Master’s (CGS M) must meet the following requirements:

  • Have Canadian citizenship or be a Canadian permanent resident.
  • Must have applied for full-time admission to a Master’s or Doctoral program at a Canadian university with a Canada Graduate Scholarships-Program Master’s allocation or must already be enrolled at the university.

Candidates must also have received a first-class average, as determined by the Host Institution, in each of the most recent two completed academic years, which equates to a full-time equivalent. However, some candidates may be granted an exception.



The University’s portal explicitly states the scholarship deadline, which can be searched for more details.


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4. Global Affairs Scholarship for International Students

To encourage the growth and development of international studies and education through research and significant study in Canadian Higher Institutions, the Canadian Government has partnered with many organizations abroad as one of its main priorities.

Global Affairs Canada offers scholarships in various amounts depending on several characteristics. Awards range in value from $7,200 to $14,700. This relies on a variety of factors, as was already stated.

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to submit a scholarship application through Global Affairs Canada. Consulting and thoroughly comprehending the requirements and specifications for each award is a terrific first step.

• Some scholarships may demand that the application be submitted to the institution of choice, while others may accept different formats; as a result, it is crucial to follow the instructions carefully.

• It is crucial to gather all the required paperwork and work with the destination school.


The University’s portal explicitly states the scholarship deadline, which can be searched for more details.

5. Queen’s University International Scholarships

A scholarship program for international students is provided by Queen’s University Canada, one of the top universities in the world according to the QS-Ranking of universities, to support global education and research.

Specific students in particular countries and areas, such as India, Pakistan, and the US, are the target audience for some of these scholarships.


Candidates who wish to apply for the Queen’s University International Scholarships must meet the following requirements:

  • Apply for admission to Queen’s University Canada as an international student.
  • Must have an excellent academic history and high IQ in various situations. Having leadership qualities is advantageous.
  • Must have a strong capacity for critical thought and be receptive to many new ideas.
  • To renew the scholarship, you must be willing to keep getting good grades while enrolled in college.
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The University’s portal explicitly states the scholarship deadline, which can be searched for more details.


These Full Funded Scholarships for International Students are many and adequately fulfill the needs of different individuals who wish to study in Canada using scholarships, awards, and other prizes.

This makes it simpler to enroll in these colleges, thanks to the thorough information provided here.

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