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Roseman University 2023: Aid, Courses, Admission and Tuition Fees

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Roseman University is a private institution located in South Jordan, Utah. Founded in 1999, the university offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in healthcare, business, and pharmacy. This article will provide an overview of Roseman University, including information on financial aid, courses, admission, and tuition fees. Whether you are a prospective student looking to learn more about Roseman University, or a current student in need of financial assistance, this article will provide valuable information to help you make an informed decision about your education.


Roseman University is among the top colleges in the world for the many disciplines included within the college of health sciences. The esteemed Roseman University’s admission standards, course offerings, tuition costs, and financial aid options will all be covered in this article.

Roseman University 2023

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Roseman University of Health Sciences is dedicated to improving the health and welfare of the United States and the rest of the world via the education of present and future generations of health professionals, research, and patient care. Due to their learning framework, which is based on excitement, responsibility, originality, value, and empowerment, Roseman University students consistently demonstrate excellent proficiency in the healthcare system.


The university has created innovative programs that educate approximately 1,400 students on campus to become outstanding leaders in their many fields of expertise.

In line with its aim to create a setting that enables both internal and external partners to achieve the best results, Roseman University suggests alliances and collaborations. Students in this school gain knowledge about their profession in the classroom and participate in cooperative learning, practicals, ongoing assessment, and experiential learning.

In addition, Roseman University explains the fundamental, cultural, and behavioral standards shared by all outstanding institutions of higher learning. This standard includes morality, diversity, social responsibility, accountability, and professionalism, all of which are essential components of the long-lasting partnerships between the Roseman University of Health Sciences and its communities.

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Roseman University has received regional authorization from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

The courses that Roseman University offers

Roseman University houses five colleges that offer the best experiential education, allowing students to gain information in a practical setting.


Among them are the following: 

  • University of Medicine
  • University of Dental Medicine
  • University of Nursing
  • University of Pharmacy
  • University of Master of Business Administration.

College of Medicine at Roseman University of Health Science

The main goal of Roseman University College of Medicine is to plan and provide a complete and supportive environment for cutting-edge education, healthcare, and research by bringing together students, teachers, and the local community. Roseman develops future medical professionals who abide by social norms. They create accountable, clinically qualified physicians using cutting-edge instructional technologies and a creative curriculum.

Roseman University of Dental School

Roseman Dental School offers the highest caliber instruction and practical expertise. Roseman University provides students with a great learning environment and cutting-edge technology to facilitate effective studying. Here, teamwork is emphasized to improve through the curriculum and attain proficiency. Under the direction of the professors, dental residents and students offer the local population high-quality, reasonably priced dental care. This carries out experiential education.

Roseman University School of Pharmacy

The three-year Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum at Roseman University College of Pharmacy is based on contemporary educational theories, such as active and mastery learning with block teaching.

Average GPA needed to get into Roseman University of Health Sciences?

A 3.15 cumulative grade point average is necessary for admission to Roseman University. To be eligible, applicants should aim for above-average test scores.


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Roseman University has the following requirements for admission: • A minimum 2.75 GPA as your most recent CGPA

• Your degree of preparedness is determined by your TEAS score, which must be at least 60%.

Roseman University’s Acceptance Rate

The admittance rate at Roseman University is 41%. This indicates that it is a very selective university that only admits 41 out of 100 applications.

At Roseman, all sessions adhere to a six-point mastery learning model that emphasizes scheduling, block curriculum, and learning assessments every two to three weeks.



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Tuition for Roseman University

The board approves all Roseman University tuition, fee, and refund policies of trustees. Each student must make all required payments, and the majority are non-refundable. Roseman University offers scholarships for students who have trouble obtaining financial funds.


Below is a list of various programs and the fees attributed to each of them;

  • Tuition for a bachelor’s degree in nursing (NV and UT) is $51,000 ($663.20 per credit). Lab costs $3,300; tech costs $500.
  • The accelerated Cost of tuition for a bachelor’s degree in nursing (NV and UT) is $55,350 ($719.77 per credit). Lab costs $3,300; tech costs $500.
  • RN to BSN: $15,000 in tuition. Fees: Tech ($500); instructional materials ($500)
  • MSN/FNP: $37,500 in tuition ($781.25 per credit). Fees: Tech ($500); instructional materials ($100)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy (NV and UT): $55,182 in tuition. Fees: $400 for technology; $125 for vaccinations (P1 only); $75 for PCOA (P1 only); $600 for NAPLEX preparation (P3 only).
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (UT): $77,147 in tuition. Fees: ($15,034 for D1, $12,637 for D2, $11,955 for D3, and $11,670 for D4)
  • Tuition for AEODO/MBA Residents is $77,330. Fees ($8,368 for residents, $10,645 for residents, and $11,100 for residents)
  • Internship at AEODO: Tuition ($30,450) (Technology – $100)
  • MBA-PharmD NV/UT and DMD, AEODO; Cost of Attendance: $710 per credit Fees ($69 for Comp XM; $50 for Tech)
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Other fees may apply. 

General University Fees

  • Health Insurance (Est) – $3,600
  • All programs graduation fee – $200
  • PharmD/DMD/MBA Graduation fee – Additional $50
  • Laptop (Est) – $1,900
  • iPad (Est) – $700

Application Fees

  • BSN/ABSN – $40
  • MSN/FNP – $40
  • PharmD – $60
  • DMD – $75
  • AEODO – $50
  • MBA $100

Financial aid options at Roseman University

Roseman Success Fund Income Share Agreement (ISA)

Students can get assistance from the Roseman Success Fund IISA with their required tuition and fees. But this is a contract that needs to be paid back. To be eligible for the Roseman Success Fund, students must be capable of accepting Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans.


Roseman informs interested and qualified students about available scholarships. Check out the prerequisites for the various scholarships that are offered here.


Students with significant financial requirements are given grants. Students must complete the FASA application to determine their eligibility for grants.

Federal Work-Study

Undergraduate and graduate students with financial needs are given part-time work under the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program, allowing them to earn money to pay for their educational expenses.

The program encourages tasks related to the recipient’s course of study and community service.


Loans are funds leased and require repayment. Federal and private loans come in a variety of forms for students. It is appropriate only to borrow the money you can afford to repay after the agreement, even though loans may be necessary to cover college tuition and other costs.

In conclusion, Roseman University is a private institution in South Jordan, Utah, that offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in healthcare, business, and pharmacy. The university provides students with access to financial aid, various courses, and a supportive learning environment. Prospective students can learn more about admission and tuition fees by visiting the Roseman University website. Current students needing financial assistance can also explore their options for receiving support to pursue their higher education goals.

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