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15 Best Online Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

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It is reasonable to think that you might find online volunteer opportunities easily. Still, the primary goal of this essay is to review the best Online Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students and ensure you take advantage of any possibilities. Moreover, you can access many opportunities as a motivated high school student.


Physical activities are somewhat constrained as virtual activities proliferate. Your resume and extracurricular activities speak volumes as they add to your experience, even though your grades and test results are also significant. It would help if you also had several options, such as community service. Serving others through community service is a method to do so without expecting anything in return.

Online Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteering is the act of serving. Online volunteering can be performed through a computer or phone, but there are also offline volunteering activities. Thus not all volunteering is done online. Online volunteering can fit into the schedules of students and people with busy schedules. These create high school student openings.

Reasons to Consider Volunteering

Here are a few ways that volunteering can make a difference in people’s lives:

You never realize how much you can do until you start caring for people, assisting the elderly and underprivileged, sending thank-you notes, editing books, taking care of pets, interpreting languages, and doing many other things that positively impact people’s lives.

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Knowing your worth can help you appreciate your skills and realize that success isn’t just about academic achievement; it also involves making other people happy. As a result, you will be aware of your value.

Volunteering allows you to connect with people from other origins and languages, which opens up the possibility of meeting like-minded individuals who will favorably impact your life. You will consequently gain communication and interpersonal skills.


You’ll get life skills because not all of them are taught in school. Additionally, while volunteering, you can pick up skills like collaboration, teamwork, public speaking, problem-solving, and others that will be useful for your resume.

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  1. Career village: Career Village is a platform for students seeking career guidance on potential careers. The best location to look for opportunities online is Career Village.
  2. Cards for the course: This platform was created to allow people to create handmade cards with encouraging words on them, intended to soothe and cheer up anyone in need. Cards are given to the right people through this organization.
  3. Defensive: is a tutoring platform that accepts students from low-income or minority countries that lack access to high-quality education or pupils from less privileged backgrounds.
  4. Be my eyes: this is an online volunteer forum for students considering careers in the healthcare industry. They help those who are blind by keeping an eye out for details like the expiration date of medications and the presence of any instructions.
  5. Translator without borders: This position can be filled by a student proficient in a second language by helping translate textbooks and videos for the global community that focuses on finding relief from crises, education, and health.
  6. Book Share: strives to give those with vision impairment, learning difficulties, and physical limitations access to reading.
  7. Schools on Wheels: This is an online forum for high school students to volunteer; volunteers must be South California residents and often range in age from 16 to 18. These volunteers focus on educating kids who live in shelters, hotels, cars, and on the streets as homeless kids.
  8. Learn to Be: This platform for volunteer work allows students to conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions with other students in grades between elementary and high school to help them with the subjects they are having trouble with.
  9. Teenagers: This platform supports students who volunteer and hope to work in computer technology or cyber security. These students must be willing to educate other students, kids, and teachers on how to utilize the internet effectively. They must also be between the ages of 13 and 18.
  10. Mozilla: In addition to owning the well-known browser Firefox, Mozilla also runs a charity organization and needs volunteers. However, if you are tech aware, this position will be exciting because you will participate in online volunteer activities.
  11. Donate Code: If you have coding skills, you can hone them, add them to your resume, and instruct those who don’t and can’t pay to learn.
  12. Democracy Lab: You can volunteer for a democracy lab, where technology is used to produce many valuable initiatives that will assist businesses, hospitals, and the environment if you have experience in technology and are also willing to teach others.
  13. Tech Soup: This website offers high school students options, advice, and tips. On the other hand, the business uses suggestions to enhance its goods and services.
  14. Citizen Scholar: This platform for volunteering offers students with a passion for history the chance to collaborate with the world’s most prominent museum and research complex. This organization transcribes historical records, events, and documents to make them more available to users, such as students or researchers.
  15. Amnesty decoders: Amnesty decoders are a platform for volunteers to uncover human rights initiatives using their phones or computers to scan the internet for images, papers, and other crucial material.
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Final Thought

There are many online options for high school students to utilize their time, knowledge, skills, and other resources to perform admirable deeds of service for others worldwide.

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