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Lithuanian Government Scholarship 2023 Master Degree Program – Apply Now

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If you’re a prospective international student looking to pursue a master’s degree, you may be interested in the Lithuanian Government Scholarship 2023 Master Degree Program. This scholarship program offers full funding for students from selected countries to study in Lithuania and earn a master’s degree at one of the country’s top universities.


The Lithuanian Government Scholarship is a highly competitive program that is awarded to outstanding students based on academic merit, leadership potential, and extracurricular achievements. The scholarship covers tuition fees, monthly stipends, and other expenses such as accommodation and health insurance.

Lithuania is a country located in the heart of Europe and is known for its high-quality education system, with many universities ranking among the top in Europe. With the Lithuanian Government Scholarship, international students have the opportunity to study in a multicultural and dynamic environment, gain valuable knowledge and skills, and build a strong foundation for their future career.



In this article, we will provide an overview of the Lithuanian Government Scholarship 2023 Master Degree Program, including eligibility criteria, application process, and benefits. We’ll also highlight some of the top universities in Lithuania where students can pursue their master’s degree with the support of this prestigious scholarship.

About Lithuanian Government Scholarship

The Lithuanian Government Scholarship is a program designed to support the education and development of international students who wish to study in Lithuania. This scholarship is available for students at all levels of study, including undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs.

The scholarship covers the cost of tuition fees, as well as a monthly stipend for living expenses. Additionally, recipients of the scholarship are provided with accommodation, health insurance, and travel expenses to and from Lithuania.

The scholarship is awarded based on academic merit, with a focus on students who have shown exceptional academic achievements in their studies. Applicants are required to submit academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement to be considered for the scholarship.

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The Lithuanian Government Scholarship is a great opportunity for international students to experience the high-quality education system in Lithuania and gain exposure to the rich culture and history of the country. It is an excellent way for students to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge while studying in one of the most beautiful and historic countries in Europe.


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Benefits of Lithuanian Government Scholarship Full-Time Scholarships

  • Citizens of the following countries are eligible for monthly scholarships and grants covering study costs: Ukraine (60 grants); Belarus (10 grants); 
  • Armenia; Georgia; foreign nationals of Lithuanian ancestry; Moldova (20 grants total); Azerbaijan (5 grants);
  •  South Korean, China, Israeli, Japanese, and Chinese citizens can apply for a monthly scholarship (5 grants altogether).

The scholarship is worth 490 euros per month. The grant covering the cost of the study is capped at and cannot exceed the national average study cost.

Requirements for Lithuanian Government Scholarship Full-Time Master Degree Studies Scholarships

  1. The candidate must be a national of one of the following nations: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Georgia, Israel, Japan, Moldova, Ukraine, South Korea, or a foreigner of Lithuanian ancestry from outside the European Union or the EFTA.
  2. Belarus nationals must possess a current Lithuanian residency permit.
  3. The candidate must have earned a bachelor’s degree by the conclusion of the 2022–2023 academic year, or they must be enrolled in their fourth year of integrated studies—if their studies lasted six years—or their third year—if they lasted five years—at a Lithuanian higher education institution.
  4. The candidate must have a letter of acceptance or pre-acceptance from a Lithuanian higher education institution confirming their enrollment in full-time Master’s degree programs. In the case of integrated studies, the applicant must possess an official letter of confirmation from a Lithuanian higher education institution attesting to the fact that the applicant is enrolled in an integrated study program and specifying the academic year.
  5. The applicant must be proficient in Lithuanian, English, or another language used in the study program (a minimum of a B2 level of command of the language of instruction according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
  6. Just one state scholarship may be awarded. A candidate will not be qualified if they have already received financing through this instrument.
  7. Only the portion of studies taken at a Lithuanian higher education institution is eligible for funding in the case of an international joint degree program with a portion of the studies (as a required mobility time) in the candidate’s home country.
  8. Candidates who already hold a Master’s degree are not eligible for the state award.
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Interview date, Process, and Venue

Important dates for applicants of Lithuanian Government Scholarship Full-Time Master Degree Studies Scholarships:

22 May 2023:deadline to apply for the scholarship;


 1 June 2023:notification of applicants about the eligibility of applications;

 1 July 2023: notification of eligible applicants about the final results.

Documents Required for Application

A candidate must provide the following:

  • Contact and personal details, should be entered through the online application system
  • A Signed Declaration of Honour.
  • A document certifying the level of language proficiency: one issued by a competent institution (such as the student’s home institution, the host institution, a language center or school, etc.) and attesting to at least a B2 level of language proficiency as measured by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Please be aware that the diploma and supplement are only valid if the studies were in English philology, translation, or a closely related field, or if the supplement specifies the level of English studied (at least a B2).
  • Motivational letter (must be filled in via the online application system). Please write a motivational letter that includes the following details: 1. Summarize your accomplishments and experiences that are relevant to the Lithuanian study program that you have chosen. 2. Please describe your reasoning for selecting a specific study program and higher education facility in Lithuania. 3. Please explain how you believe studying in Lithuania will advance your future professional and personal goals. 4. Please justify your eligibility for the Lithuanian State Scholarship.
  • One recommendation letter must be sent electronically through the application process or as an attachment to the application form. It is advised to employ this format. (Please open in a new tab; if you are using Google Chrome browser, please open in a new window and hit “Enter” on the address bar).
  • For a master’s degree, studies pursued full-time: a copy of the acceptance or pre-acceptance letter from a Lithuanian higher education institution attesting to the applicant’s admission or a confirmation letter attesting to the applicant’s enrollment in a full-time Master’s degree program, both of which must include the applicant’s name, surname, study program, and state code, as well as the applicant’s study period. A copy of the confirmation letter from a Lithuanian higher education institution confirming the candidate is enrolled in an integrated study program, along with the candidate’s name, surname, the study program they are enrolled in, its state code, their study year, and their study period is required for full-time integrated studies.
  • Applicants from Belarus must present a current Lithuanian residency permit.
  • For applicants who are foreign nationals of Lithuanian descent, a certificate or other document verifying their Lithuanian nationality must be submitted and issued by the country’s Lithuanian community or another appropriate authority (such as an embassy or similar).
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Application Deadline

May 22, 2023


How to Apply

Are you qualified and interested? To apply, visit the Lithuanian Government Scholarship application website

Candidates must submit their applications online and include the listed scanned documents. The application must be submitted in either English or Lithuanian.

To be accepted into a Master’s degree program, an applicant must present to the Lithuanian higher education institution either a transcript of records or a document attesting to their completion of studies at a higher education institution (diploma and its supplement). The higher education institution will give the Education Exchanges Support Foundation the assessment findings (arithmetic average) of the candidate’s academic grades together with all other necessary information.

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