How Does IC15 Cryptocurrency Index Work – Steps on How to Use the IC15 Cryptocurrency Index

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Through the course of this article, we will understand all about the IC15 cryptocurrency index and how to use this crypto index platform.

Cryptocurrency has spread worldwide, with different cryptocurrency platforms and tokens being created from all parts of the world. Interestingly, most of these cryptocurrency platforms and tokens are all successful regardless of their country of creation and where their founders are based.

Various crypto users and investors use these platforms for their cryptocurrency needs and everything regarding their trade and transaction in the blockchain industry.

As the crypto world evolves, many more crypto platforms are created to help make it easy for crypto investors and users to satisfy their crypto needs. These crypto platforms also strive to create a fast-flowing, easy interface, and straight usage platform that investors can easily use for any crypto-related goal they choose.

IC15 Cryptocurrency Index

It is always advisable for investors and crypto users to understand all about any crypto platform they choose for their investment, as this would help them put their funds right and make an investment that counts.

The IC15 is India’s first cryptocurrency index, this is set to measure the strength and performance of the 15 top cryptocurrencies traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms.

This data will be analyzed using these cryptos’ market capitalization, which is a strong indicator of coins and tokens in the crypto market that are successful and high on the crypto chart.

What is the IC15?

With the high volatility of the crypto market, the need for a platform that will help users and investors make an informed decision on their investment into the crypto market to avoid losing their funds.

This is the gap which the IC15 model intends to bridge with its services to crypto investors.

Here is some basic information about the IC15 Cryptocurrency Index necessary for crypto users to understand:

  • The crypto platform CryptoWire has launched first India’s cryptocurrency index, IC15, which aims to fill the gap where investors and crypto users would not have to make blind investments into the crypto market, which will likely make them lose their funds.
  • The IC15 cryptocurrency index is a unique system that works by using the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies to index the top cryptocurrency, giving investors a leeway to know which cryptocurrency deserves investment and can yield the maximum profit.
  • This way, even though the volatility of the crypto market remains, investors can sift through the maze and make picks on cryptos with the information presented by the IC15 cryptocurrency index, helping investors indirectly avoid this volatility which is notorious with the crypto space.

How Will The IC15 Index Support Investors?

The IC15 has various uses for investors and crypto users, some of which play a vital role in the investment of these holders and crypto users.

Some of these uses include:

  • The IC15 will use Exchange-traded funds ETFs to help individuals and users; this helps track the performance of a crypto token or many crypto tokens in the coin market that comprises the funds.
  • There are also fluctuations in the price of crypto Exchange-Traded Funds ETFs depending on the buying and selling of the crypto. It is also important to note that Exchange-Traded Funds ETFs are traded daily.
  • Crypto mining will also be covered by the IC15 cryptocurrency index, opening up diversification options for interested investors who choose to use other crypto tokens and blockchains in the crypto market.
  • The IC15 will be used to judge the performance of crypto and monitor the crypto s growth in the coin market, giving investors a benchmark to work with when making their investment.

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How IC15 Cryptocurrency Index will Outline Cryptos?

The cryptos outlined on the IC15 cryptocurrency index will be determined by several industry experts and crypto analysts selected by the founders and creators of the IC15 cryptocurrency index.

Here are some criteria which will be required to select cryptocurrencies on the IC15 index:

  • The committee set up will choose the top cryptocurrency from a list of 400 crypto tokens ranking the highest in the coin market. The market capitalization of these tokens plays a significant role in this decision.
  • A cryptocurrency that will make a list must be among the top 100 most liquid tokens in the crypto market by their trading value.
  • Crypto to make the list must also be traded 90% of the time, depending on the review period by the selected committee of analysts.
  • The cryptos selected will also be among the top 50 cryptocurrencies traded in the crypto market by market capitalization, which can be checked on major crypto platforms in the world.

These are some of the basic criteria used to select the cryptocurrencies on the IC15 cryptocurrency index, helping investors make an informed decision regarding which crypto deserves their investment.

Is IC15 Cryptocurrency Index worth Using?

With the unique approach that the IC15 cryptocurrency index presents to both the crypto market and crypto investors, it is highly feasible to say that it will be very efficient for holders and investors in the coin market.

This makes it an essential tool that crypto users and investors need for growing their portfolio and maximizing profit in the crypto market, given the high volatility of the crypto space and risks involved with cryptocurrency trading and exchanges in the coin market.

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