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15 High-Paying Music Internships for International Students: Boost Your Career in the Music Industry

Finding a High-Paying Music Internships for International Students in the music industry can take time as an international student. However, many opportunities are available for those willing to search for them. This article will highlight the top 10 paid music internships for international students.


These internships offer competitive salaries and the chance to gain valuable experience in the music industry. Whether you are interested in music production, marketing, or another area, these internships can help you build your skills and network in the music field.

The music internship gives you many fresh opportunities, whether you wish to intern as a band member or a singer-songwriter. However, finding a paid music internship with good pay requires specific career options. To stay on track, make sure your music major will provide you with the necessary knowledge to delve into the genre of music you’ve always favored.

High-Paying Music Internships for International Students


You will learn about everything in the sector from knowledgeable professionals during the temporary service, broadening your knowledge and experience.

You must familiarize yourself with the renowned chronicle instruments before applying if you want to succeed in your paid music internship.

Your employers in the music business are constantly searching for talented undergraduates who are enthusiastic and prepared to expand their expertise when necessary.

What is a Paid Music Internship?

A music internship is a volunteer position taken by an intern to get experience in the music business.

The organization to which the music intern is linked then assesses and hones the intern’s talent and abilities.


One of the main factors to consider is how much knowledge you require before signing up for a music internship. A bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or even associate’s degree could be needed for this.

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It’s vital to remember that only some music interns receive compensation. Some paid music interns do, however, make between $2.25 and $30.15 per hour.

Besides the days required for outdoor events, music interns don’t work late evenings or weekends.

What are the Requirements to Become a Music Intern?

You must fulfill the following criteria to be eligible for a paid music internship:

You must be enrolled in a music degree program at the time of the internship. You must complete at least 27 credits and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.



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List of High-Paying Music Internships for International Students

The organizations listed below provide paid music internships.


1. Downtown Music Publishing

If you’re an intern looking for a place to hone your musical abilities, this is the place for you.

A music rights management company called Downtown Music Publishing represents a collection of songwriters with more than 80,000 original titles.

The company is committed to coordinating creativity with business strategies.

2. Springville Center for the Arts


A non-profit organization called Springville Center runs artistic initiatives in New York.

This multi-arts institution is seeking talented interns who have received the necessary training to instruct and mentor student groups in grade 12.

3. BOD Church

BOD is an organization dedicated to the advancement of business professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Take advantage of this internship opportunity if your passion changes the world via music.

You’ll have to put in roughly three hours per week. Additionally, they work both day and night shifts.

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4. Unity One Studio

A multimedia group focused on production, in-studio recordings, video production, and post-production makes up the results-driven Unity One Studio team.

There are a finite amount of internship slots available at Unity One Studio.

You can hone your abilities in the studio mixing, audio editing, gain staging, mic placement, audio recording, and other areas by working as an intern with this multimedia company.

5. Songtrust

The largest company for music publishing in the world is Songtrust. It was established to make understanding music rights easier and support musicians.

You must exhibit a strong passion for music, its applications, and knowledge of the fundamentals of the music industry to be selected for a paid music internship with Songtrust.

6. Sesame Workshop

This non-profit organization supports the creation of some kid-friendly educational activities.

This could be an excellent site for a music internship placement with well-defined particular objectives.

7. Coral Gables

A company called Coral Gables specializes in producing high-quality content for clients on TikTok. They require an aggressive goal-getter.

Therefore, if you have a strong passion for music and an understanding of social media algorithms, this could be your chance to make a difference through music.

8. Missoula PaddleHeads

Interns come to this gaming company to gain practical experience in music.

You can learn how to make live films, music, and a variety of other things at Missoula that you might find interesting.

While offering a paid internship opportunity for credit, it also provides space for lodging.

9. Dolby

The Dolby internship program offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance for meaningful, project-based job experience in an advanced setting where you may learn and work side-by-side with leading professionals in the industry.

Dolby goes above and above to deliver excellent content. A paid music internship with this company would be a once-in-a-million chance to get in touch with even more users.

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10. Amazon

You can receive practical experience while collaborating with a remarkable team behind some award-winning productions through this paid music internship program at Amazon Studios.

11. Sonicbids

Sonicbids has offered a variety of tools to connect musicians with brand promoters, venue owners, and a variety of other music opportunities since the foundation of this organization in 2001.

Here, you can learn important information about how music technology works while also getting a solid grounding in data analytics, social networking, etc.

12 Headcount

The following location to think about sending your internship application to is HeadCount, which is located in Belgium. You might be fortunate and obtain a full-time job offer.

Your level of enthusiasm for music will determine how you respond.

13. Carbon Fiber Music

Most musicians are known to receive label services from this music and entertainment company.

Look only further if you are passionate about copyright law, music industry procedures, and music publication. This may be the kind of internship opportunity you’ve always wanted.

14. Breathe Enterprises

This music internship can be finished in the convenience of your bedroom. You will have to spend 5–10 hours each week writing blog posts regarding the music business.

15. Amplify Creative Group

You will be required to work with the creative team as a paid music intern to develop a helpful connection between the artists and the current market.

To evaluate the artists, you will require both quantitative and qualitative abilities.

Final Thought

 If music isn’t your thing, don’t waste time learning it because you might need the character to go through the necessary steps.

In addition to the potential cash these internship programs could bring you, you will also benefit from positive professional connections.




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