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Top 10 Factory Worker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2023

Canada has emerged as a land of opportunity for individuals seeking stable employment and a promising future. The country’s thriving manufacturing industry offers a range of factory worker jobs that come with the added benefit of visa sponsorship.


Factory Worker Jobs in Canada

If you have been dreaming of building a career in Canada and are ready to embark on a new adventure, here are ten factory worker positions that offer visa sponsorship in 2023.

Factory Worker Job Description 

The role of a factory worker entails undertaking various tasks within a manufacturing or production setting. These tasks encompass assembling products, operating machinery, inspecting items for quality, and packaging finished goods. Moreover, factory workers are responsible for upholding cleanliness and orderliness in their work area while adhering to safety guidelines and protocols. Specific duties may include:

  • Operating production machinery.
  • Monitoring and adjusting production processes.
  • Performing quality control checks.
  • Packaging finished goods.
  • Cleaning and maintaining equipment.
  • Collaborating with team members and supervisors.
  • Following safety protocols and procedures.
  • Possessing basic English literacy for reading, writing, and understanding instructions.
  • Demonstrating mathematical proficiency in performing operations.
  • Exhibiting physical strength to lift and move heavy items and adaptability to a fast-paced environment.

Average Salary of Factory Workers in Canada 

The average salary for blue-collar workers and laborers vary across companies, depending on the nature of work, shift schedule, difficulty level, and associated risks. The typical wage breakdown offered by Canadian factories is as follows:

  • Hourly Rate: C$12 to C$24.
  • Bonus: $500 to $1,650 annually.
  • Profit-Sharing: C$0 to C$400.
  • Total Annual Payout: $24,484 to $50,860.
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However, these figures may fluctuate based on factors such as experience, education, and specific job responsibilities. Some factory worker positions may offer lower wages, while others may provide higher compensation.

Employment Requirements for Factory Worker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 

Candidates applying for factory worker jobs in Canada generally need a high school diploma or its equivalent, although certain positions may require additional education or certifications. Physical stamina and the ability to lift heavy loads are often prerequisites for these roles.

Regarding visa sponsorship, the availability of such sponsorship depends on the specific job and employer. Some companies, like the Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Program, may offer sponsorship opportunities for foreign workers seeking temporary work visas.

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10 Factory Worker Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2023

  1. Production Line Operator: As a production line operator, you will play a crucial role in the manufacturing process by operating machinery and ensuring the smooth flow of production. With visa sponsorship, this job presents an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience in Canada’s manufacturing sector.
  2. Quality Control Inspector: Quality control inspectors are responsible for ensuring that manufactured products meet the highest standards of quality. This role demands meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for identifying defects. By securing a visa sponsorship for this position, you can contribute to maintaining Canada’s reputation for excellence in manufacturing.
  3. Machine Operator: Machine operators are essential in keeping production processes running efficiently. Operating various types of machinery, you will contribute to the creation of high-quality products. Visa sponsorship for machine operator jobs in Canada offers a chance to enhance your technical skills and work with advanced equipment.
  4. Assembler: As an assembler, you will be involved in assembling parts and components to create finished products. This position requires precision and the ability to follow detailed instructions. Visa sponsorship for assemblers allows you to gain experience in the manufacturing field and contribute to the production of diverse goods.
  5. Warehouse Associate: Warehouse associates play a vital role in managing inventory, organizing storage spaces, and ensuring efficient product distribution. By securing visa sponsorship for this position, you can contribute to the smooth operation of Canada’s manufacturing supply chain.
  6. Packaging Technician: Packaging technicians are responsible for carefully packaging finished goods, ensuring they are protected and ready for distribution. This role requires attention to detail and the ability to work efficiently. Visa sponsorship for packaging technician jobs offers an opportunity to contribute to the final stage of the manufacturing process.
  7. Maintenance Technician: Maintenance technicians play a critical role in keeping machinery and equipment in optimal condition. Their expertise ensures minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Visa sponsorship for maintenance technician positions provides a chance to develop specialized skills and contribute to the smooth operation of manufacturing facilities.
  8. Forklift Operator: Forklift operators are responsible for safely moving materials and products within warehouses or production areas. With visa sponsorship for this role, you can contribute to efficient logistics management and gain valuable experience operating heavy machinery.
  9. Inventory Clerk: Inventory clerks are responsible for tracking and managing stock levels, ensuring accurate records, and facilitating smooth inventory replenishment. Visa sponsorship for this position offers an opportunity to contribute to the efficient functioning of manufacturing operations.
  10. Team Leader/Supervisor: Team leaders or supervisors oversee and coordinate the activities of factory workers. They ensure smooth workflow, adherence to safety protocols, and quality standards. Visa sponsorship for team leader positions allows you to demonstrate leadership skills and contribute to the success of manufacturing teams.
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These ten factory worker jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship for 2023 present exciting opportunities for individuals seeking employment and career growth in the manufacturing sector. Whether you are an experienced professional or a newcomer looking to make your mark, these positions offer a chance to gain valuable experience, contribute to the Canadian economy, and embark on a fulfilling journey in a thriving industry. Start your Canadian dream today by exploring these visa-sponsored factory worker jobs and take a step closer to a promising future.

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