Facemeta Coin Price Prediction Steps on How to Buy the Facemeta Coin

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Through the course of this article, we will understand all about the Facemeta coin and how to buy the Facemeta coin.

With the fast growth and rise of many crypto tokens in the world today, it is only natural that many cryptocurrencies have seen an increase in their number of users and investors and their worth and value.

Various crypto tokens like the meme coins, NFT coins, and others like gaming tokens have all received a fair share of increased popularity in recent years, from Dogecoin to Shiba Inu to others like Solana and Sandbox. All these crypto tokens have grown significantly in the crypto market.

Facemeta Coin

Investors and crypto users need to understand all about any coin or token they choose for their investment. This will help them make the best decision regarding any of these tokens and help them avoid running into scam tokens in the crypto market.

The Facemeta coin is one of the major crypto tokens in the market, which has grown since its launch, following the popularity and fame of the metaverse world VR in the latter part of 2021.

What is Facemeta Coin?

The Facemeta coin is a coin that stems from the strength of the social media giant FACEBOOK and its new name Meta. Coining both names together makes the name FACEMETA which draws investors’ attention and interest through this means.

Here is some basic information about the Facemeta coin that investors need to understand before making any investment:

  • The FACEMETA token is a form of gaming token which the developers say users need to have a certain amount of before they can participate and be part of the game.
  • This simply means the platform follows the task-based play and win gaming model, which some other gaming platforms also employ.
  • It is important to note that the Facemeta project is in no way affiliated with the tech giant FACEBOOK or rather META but is only using the popularity already garnered by the social media giant as a leap in the world of cryptocurrency.
  • The Facemeta token runs on the Binance Smart Cain network, and this means the coin is a BEP-20 token making it a strong coin in the crypto space.

These are some basic information necessary for investors and crypto users to understand as they choose the Facemeta token for their investment.

Facemeta Coin Tokenomics and Market Capitalization  

It is essential to understand the tokenomics of any token as this helps determine the strength of a coin or token in the coin market.

Therefore, investors who wish to invest in any token in the crypto space must understand the tokenomics of such coins, giving them the informed knowledge they require to make better decisions.

Here are the tokenomics of the Facemeta coin:

  • There is a total supply of 1 Quadrillion Facemeta tokens in the coin market with a circulating supply.
  • 4% of the token goes to the coin’s liquidity, just as is done on many other tokens in the coin market.
  • Another 5% goes to the Marketing of the coin, which is essential for the steady growth of the coin in the coin market.
  • And lastly, 3% goes to the Holders and investors of the Facemeta coin. This works as a reward to these holders for holding and storing the coin in their various wallets.

This is the basic tokenomics of the Facemeta coin important for investors’ knowledge.

Price and Contract Address of the Facemeta Coin

After its launch, the early surge of the Facemeta coin saw the coin jump a whopping more than 50% in the coin market, though this surge has ended, and the coin is now trading on a minor dip in the crypto market at the time of writing this article.

As of the time of writing this article, the price of the Facemeta coin is $ 0.000000024.

Its contract address is 0x3e0b5807515756635c6347cdeebf95946e604bcf.

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How and Where to Buy the Facemeta Coin Step-by-Step Guide

The Facemeta coin has not yet been listed on several major exchanges in the crypto market, including Coinbase and Binance.

This token can still be purchased and stored by interested investors and holders using some simple basic steps, which will be outlined here in this article.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on where and how to buy the Facemeta coin for interested investors:

  • Users should purchase one of the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and the Binance coin BNB, as these are the coins that will be used to get the Facemeta coin.
  • For this article, BNB will be used for the transaction. Users should purchase BNB from Binance and withdraw the already purchased BNB to the Trust Wallet platform as this is the crypto platform that will be used for this transaction or exchange.
  • Once successful, and the BNB is now in the Trust Wallet, it is now time to swap the BNB for the BMC, Binance Smart Chain used for transactions and exchanges.
  • When the BNB has been successfully converted to BMC, the user can navigate down to the dApps section of the Trust Wallet app and open it up. Scroll down, and on the decentralized exchange, DEX opens the PancakeSwap exchange. This decentralized exchange would be used to get the Facemeta coin.
  • On the “From” button in the PancakeSwap, input the number of BNB needed for the transaction, which is dependent on t choice of the user.
  • On the “To” select the Facemeta coin from the list of coins and tokens shown, and if the Facemeta coin is not on the list of shown coins, the user can go to the CoinMarketCap platform to copy the original contract address of the Facemeta coin and paste it on the search bar on the “To” button on the Trust Wallet platform to import t coin.
  • Once done, set the slippage tolerance for the transaction and hit the “Swap” button to exchange the BNB for the Facemeta coin.
  • This will automatically convert the BNB to the Facemeta coin and store it in the user’s wallet.

This way, users can buy and hold Facemeta coins on their various wallets.

Is it Advisable to Invest in the Facemeta Coin? 

The Facemeta coin has seen a significant increase in price, percentage, and the number of holders since its launch making the coin rise in both rank and drawing interest and attention from investors in the crypto market.

Though the coin is facing some dip just like every other coin or token in the coin market today, it is predicted to be a strong coin that will climb even more in percentage, number of holders, and price shortly.

It is still crucial for investors and crypto users to do their basic research before investing their funds into any crypto token in the coin market. This will help them put their funds right and avoid running into scam tokens in the coin market.

What are your thoughts and views on the Facemeta coin and its rice prediction? Share your opinion and idea in the comment section.

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