Cypherium Coin Price Prediction – Where and How to buy Cypherium Coin

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Through the course of this article, we will understand all about the Cypherium coin and how to purchase it.

The evolution of digital technology and advancement in virtual reality has led to a rise in the need for a diverse financial transaction system that would make transactions and investments easier for a lot of users.

User-data management and privacy have always been the basic issues that decentralized aim to solve, and the need for a decentralized system of management cannot be exaggerated.

Cypherium Coin

The Blockchain industry prevents this by providing its users with a decentralized transaction-based system that allows them to control their assets in the digital field.

Due to the increase in the price and number of holders since its inception, the Cypherium coin is a coin of great interest in the crypto market, attracting attention from crypto users and investors.

What is Cypherium coin?

Cypherium is a highly expansible and robust smart contract platform. One of its major goals is to create a database that connects data islands around the world, and it hopes to achieve its goal by running only on the most cutting-edge and bulletproof technologies to date.

Here is some basic information regarding the Cypherium coin which is useful for crypto investors:

  • Cypherium provides an instant ledger to process real-time transactions for billions of users, and a smart contract platform that enables enterprise use cases for all industries.
  • A secure vault to defend from the increasing threats to data privacy of users.
  • Cypherium lays a comprehensive foundation for developers to forge innovational apps capable of changing the future of business, and enterprise solutions by providing a truly decentralized and flexible framework, combined with an accessible and intuitive user interface.
  • By using a hybrid consensus mechanism that utilizes both Proof-of-Work and HotStuff, Cypherium blockchain is customized to achieve commercial viability by maximizing decentralization and scalability without foregoing one for the other.
  • For this, Cypherium is creating an open network to grant a franchise to any contributor or participant.
  • CPH is an Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) token.

Cypherium Coin Market Cap and Contract address

The Tokenomics of any crypto token is a very important aspect of cryptocurrencies as it is concerned with their growth, and provides vital information about the token for any prospective investor.

  • The Cypherium coin (CPH) price today, 16-03-2022, is $0.016890 with a 24-hour trading volume of $118,586.00.
  • It has a CoinMarketCap ranking of #4148 with a circulating supply of not available at the time of writing this article.
  •  There is a maximum supply of 8,428,000,000 Cypherium coins (CPH) with a market cap of $3,276,246.83. 
  • It has an all-time high of $0.1985 and an all-time low of $0.008251.

Crypto users and investors should be mindful of this data about Cypherium coin (CPH).

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Contract Address of the Cypherium coin

Contract address: 0x95117487048b74e83c9DbEF9C749267e32fF95F6

Where to buy Cypherium Coin (CPH)

Though CPH coin is currently not listed for trade and service on Binance and other popular trading platforms. here are some of the top cryptocurrency brokers where you can trade the token currently are; 

How to Buy Cypherium Coin 

Despite not being listed for trade by Binance, you can purchase and store the Cypherium coin on other decentralized exchanges and Cryptocurrency trading platforms in the crypto market.

Below is a step by step guide you could follow to purchase and store the Cypherium coin:

  • Some crypto tokens are harder to acquire than others, and the Cypherium coin is one of those. One of the exchanges listed above would be needed to be able to purchase CPH token.
  • In the market, under “Pairs”, you would see the CPH coin plus another currency. The second currency is what you would trade on the platform to obtain the Cypherium coin. For instance, if you want to trade with the U.S dollar for the Cypherium coin, you would look for the CPH/USD pair.
  • Create an account on the chosen platform, and safely store your 12-seed recovery phrase or your login detail.
  • Purchase Cypherium crypto on the platform with USD or swap it with other cryptos. To swap Cypherium coin with other cryptos BNB or Ethereum, you need to create an account with a decentralized wallet such as Trust wallet.
  • Once you have chosen the crypto you would like to exchange for Cypherium coin, click “Swap” and proceed to finish the transaction.

 These simple procedures will assist any crypto investor or user looking to buy Cypherium coin (CPH).

Cypherium Coin Price

The CPH token is witnessing significant attention in the cryptocurrency market since its inception which has led to a steady, though slow, rise in price. It recorded a 110.9% increase in price from its all-time low on Jan 25, 2022. 

CPH coin price has witnessed a 2.60% increase in price within the last 7 days. The live Cypherium coin price is $0.016890 and is down 10.54% in the last 24 hours.

Cypherium Coin Price Prediction

Using powerful data analysis and crypto experts’ opinions based on previous and current performance, investors and users of the Cypherium coin are assured of the future performance expected from the token.

Here are some forecasts on the Cypherium coin:

Cypherium Coin Price Prediction 2022

As per the prediction data analysis, the Cypherium coin is expected to surpass $0.0220. It would have attained a minimum of $0.0209 and a maximum fee of $0.0232.

Cypherium Coin Price Prediction 2023

Based on the forecast data analysis, the CPH token is predicted to cross the level of $0.0248. By the end of this year, it would have a maximum price level of $0.0307 and a minimum of $0.0230.

Cypherium Coin Price Prediction 2024

Experts predict that the Cypherium coin will start the year and trade within the price range of $0.0207 – $0.0267. This is predicted to be extremely high compared to the previous year. 

The CPH token is capable of reaching a maximum price level of $0.0339 this year.

Cypherium Coin Price Prediction 2025

The Cypherium coin price is predicted to exceed $0.0369 by this year. It will trade at a low of $0.0298 and a high of $0.0398.

Cypherium Coin Price Prediction 2026

In this year, Cypherium coin price is predicted to cross the level of $0.0305. By the end of the year, it will trade at a minimum level of $0.0282 and a maximum of $0.0346

These are some of the price predictions for interested crypto users and investors.

Crypto Users and investors are advised to make basic research before investing time and/or money into any cryptocurrency, to avoid being victims of scams and to increase their profit.

Is Cypherium Coin a good investment?

Cypherium can be a good investment on several judging by projects and initiatives of the developers of this coin. Cypherium coin is a promising blockchain project in terms of use cases,

With the employment of the blockchain in diverse real-world applications, the Cypherium coin stands to witness an increase in its value.

Investors and holders of cryptocurrencies and assets interested in Cypherium coin should make research and ask crypto experts and analysts before venturing into the crypto market. 

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