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Canada Temporary Residence – Category and Type of Fees

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More than 35 million people each year travel to Canada to take advantage of the numerous opportunities Canada offers, such as visiting relatives and friends.


What is a Canada Temporary Resident?

Canada Temporary Residence are offered to citizen who has been legally permitted to come to Canada to visit Canada for a short period.

Canada Temporary Residence


Foreign nationals can be granted temporary resident status if they are found to comply with the law that permits them to enter and stay in Canada as an individual, students working, or Canada Temporary Residence permit holders. Only foreign nationals who physically reside in Canada have temporary resident status.

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada manages these applications under various categories:

Temporary residence visas (TRV): A temporary residence visa (TRV) is an official counterfoil issued by a visa office. It is put in the passport to show they meet the criteria for entry into Canada as a short-term resident.

The possession of a TRV doesn’t provide a guarantee of entry into Canada. It is not a guarantee that foreign nationals to Canada for temporary residency is only a right, not an entitlement.

Electronic travel authorizations:  Electronic travel authorization (eTA) initiative is a significant commitment to improving the relationship between Canada-U.S. security by addressing threats beyond the North American perimeter as soon as possible. The eTA initiative combines Canadian and U.S. approaches pre-departure screening for visa-free foreign citizens.


International students: International students require authorization in writing (a Study permit) to study in Canada

In addition to being eligible for the category of temporary resident for which they applied, applicants must obtain electronic authorization to travel (if they qualify for visa exemption).

Canada Temporary Residence for Temporary workers: a permit to work or permission to work without a permit is required for the foreign national to perform work within Canada

Canada Temporary Residence permits: Temporary Resident Permit permits those who are inadmissible or is not in compliance with the criteria in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) to be indefinite resident (that means they can enter and remain within Canada) when it is justifiable under the circumstances.

Canada Temporary Residence Permits enable officers to achieve the goals of the IRPA to meet Canada’s human rights, social and economic obligations while also ensuring their commitment to the health and safety of Canadians. Find out more details on the origins and the context of temporary resident permits.


The temporary residents of Canada are subject to various conditions, including the duration of their time in Canada.


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Canada Visitor Visa Fee

  • 100 canadian dollar for Visitor Visa Application Fee (including the Super Visa) – per person. (Temporary residency visa for a single or multiple entries). 
  • 500 canadian dollar for Visitor Visa Application Fees For five or more persons. (Temporary residence visa for a single entry or more). To be eligible for this fee your and the members of your household have to submit a separate application and your children need to not be older than 22 years of age
  • 100 canadian dollar for Extended stay for visitors Per person
  • 200 canadian dollar for Restore status as an individual visiting (Application fee not required)

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Charges

  • 7 canadian dollar for Electronic Travel Authorization Application Fee 

Canada Work Permit Fees

  • 155 canadian dollar for Cost of Work Permit Applications: per person. (Including extensions applications)
  • 465 canadian dollar for The Work Permit Application Fee – groups of three or more artists. (Performing artists need to apply for work permits at the same time and pay visas for visitors separately (if applicable).)
  • 100 canadian dollar for Open Work Permit Fee
  • 355 canadian dollar for Restore status as an employee (Includes the fee for restoration of status of $200 and an additional work permit fee of $155)

Canada Study Permit Fees

  • 150 Canadian dollar Application fee for a study permit for each individual (Including extensions).
  • 350 Canadian dollar for Return to status of a student (Restoration of status costs $200 and an additional study permit is $150)

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