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Canada Family Sponsorship Fees, eligibility and processing time.

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Canada Family Sponsorship sponsorships permit those who are either permanent or citizens of Canada to sponsor family members in other to reunite with wives, kids, and loved ones.


Canada Family Sponsorship Fees are amount that you have to pay in other to have your visa processed

There are three kinds of fees for family sponsorship that are:

  • Dependent child
  • Orphaned close relatives or
  • Other relatives
Canada Family Sponsorship Fees

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Dependent Child and Other Relatives Sponsorship

A Dependent Child sponsorship Program allows a Canadian permanent resident or citizen 18 years or older to sponsor a dependent child, orphaned close relatives, or another relative to obtain Canadian permanent residency.

To be eligible for the visa required by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the person who sponsors and the person they are supporting must meet certain criteria. In addition, the sponsor must be able to meet the income guidelines set by the government. Both the person who sponsors and the sponsored person has to prove that their relationship meets one of the following categories:

  • is a Dependent child
  • orphaned close or
  • Other relatives

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Requirements to meet before applying for Canada family sponsorship:

Dependent Child: A child is dependent if the child:


  • is under the age of 19 and doesn’t have a spouse, common-law partner or
  • Is 19 years or older and mainly rely on their parents’ support and financial assistance before age 19 due to physical or mental illness.
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Orphaned close relatives: Orphaned close relatives refer to relatives who are related through adoption or blood, like sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren.

They are eligible for Canada Family Sponsorship only when they fulfill all the following requirements:

  1. A) They are orphaned,
  2. B) They are not yet 18 years old and
  3. c) They don’t have a spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner.

Other relatives: refers to a family member, whether related through blood or adoption and of any age. Anyone is eligible to sponsor a relative if they meet the following requirements:

  • A) You are not married to a partner, common-law spouse, or conjugal partner, as well as one of the following living relatives that you can sponsor instead: Son or daughter, Parent, Grandparent, Brothers or sisters, Uncle, Aunt, Nephew or niece.
  • b) Don’t have any of the relatives named earlier who is a: Canadian citizen, Permanent resident, or Registered Indian under the Indian Act.

Note 1: If the person you are looking after is not eligible for sponsorship, they may be able to enter Canada as a skilled immigrant through Express Entry.

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NOTE 2: if the person sponsoring is a resident of Quebec, the sponsor must satisfy the requirements of Quebec to become a sponsor once Citizenship and Immigration Canada approves the sponsor. For instance, a person who sponsors is required to agree on an “undertaking” with the province, which is a contract binding the sponsor.

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Eligibility criteria to meet before you can be a sponsor 

 Not all people are eligible to sponsor their child or other family members. The Canadian citizen or permanent resident might not qualify as an official sponsor if

  • A relative was sponsored in the past but was not in compliance with the terms of the agreement of sponsorship
  • If you are in default of alimony or child support payments
  • Received financial aid from the government for reasons other than being disabled
  • If you are convicted of any act of violence, crime against a parent, or sexual offense. Depending on the specifics of the case, for example; (A) The kind of offense, (B) How long ago it was, and (c) If the records suspension or a record was issued
  • Owe immigration loans, made tardy payments or skipped payments
  • If you are in jail, or
  • If you have declared bankruptcy and have not been released from bankruptcy yet.

Additionally, the sponsor must meet the income guidelines to sponsor specific relatives. And then, they must agree in writing to provide financial assistance to their relative and any other relatives who are eligible to come along for a period of up to 10 years in accordance with their age and how closely they are related to them.


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Canada Family Sponsorship Fees

Type of fee Amount  (Canadian dollar)
A relative that is aged 22 or over 1,040

(Includes fees for sponsorship of $75 and processing fees of $475, as well as the fee for right of permanent residence of $490.)


 A Relative who is older than 22 (without the right to permanent residence cost) 550

(Includes the sponsorship fee of $75, and fees for processing of up to $475.)


A dependent or adopted child, or orphaned relative – per child 150


(Includes the $75 sponsorship fee as well as processing fees of $75)

A relative who is younger than 22 years old but not your dependent child



(Includes the sponsorship fee of $75 and cost of processing of $75 as well as a right to permanent residency fee of $490.)

 A relative who is less than 22 years old and not  your dependent child (without the right to permanent residence cost) 150

(Includes the sponsorship fee of $75 as well as the processing charge of $75)


Sponsorship for your spouse, common law spouse of your relative 1,040

(Includes an processing fee of $500 plus the fee for right of permanent residence of $490)



Canada Family Sponsorship Processing Times

The sponsorship applications are evaluated at the Case Processing Center in Mississauga, Ontario (CPC-M). The process for a dependent child could take approximately 16 months, and for an adopted children or other relatives about 34 months (includes review of the sponsor).


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