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About Us

Ouagfashion is a website dedicated to giving individuals including both workers and scholars the much-required help as regards their studies, work and job offers in developed countries. The site helps anyone who wishes to live in a developed country the necessary information needed to go to this country and live with no challenges.

The site covers scholarship information which gives students the latest information on free grants funding and financial aids for students, it also covers work grants and schemes for working class individuals thereby giving users an edge for help to studies and work. is focused on helping students from developing countries to get the necessary scholarship needed to study in a world class university and get a prestigious certificate from this renowned schools and institution and also help workers be able to get a satisfying job with their skill and qualification in these developed countries.


Our goal is to make sure that student all over get access to studies in renowned institutions and schools all over the world and that workers with the necessary skill set get employment in standard organizations and companies. This is our priority and this makes us focus on updating our information always and making sure we give the latest funding tips to our audience. We list all degree opportunities (currently over 350,000 programs) in 78 destination countries and also give well up-to-date information on job availability in different companies and organizations.


  • To create a platform for students and professional to always find availability to scholarship and fundings.
  • To deliver information on work availability and openings in standard companies in developed countries
  • To help connect students with the admission office and advisors of schools and institutions in developed countries and help them achieve their education dreams.
  • To build the next world leaders through education and learning.

We hope to serve our audience always with standard information on various scholarship and programs that can help them get into institutions in developed countries and help make learning and studies more fun and enjoyable for all generation of scholars, students and professionals. We also hope to deliver precise and focused information on work openings from various companies situated in developed countries thereby helping ease job landing for individuals hoping to work and live in developed countries.