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8 High-Paying Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree: Earn $40/Hour or More

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A college degree is only sometimes required for high-paying jobs in today’s economy. Many careers offer competitive salaries of $40 or more per hour without needing a four-year degree. This article will highlight the top 8 jobs that pay $40 an hour or more without a degree. These careers range from skilled trades to healthcare and technology and offer a range of opportunities for those looking to start a new career or earn more money in their current job.



Most full-time employees who receive thousands of dollars at the end of the week or month feel they are earning enough, but when their working hours are thoroughly fractioned, they can only expect to make as low as $5 per hour.

Advantages of Jobs at $40 an Hour

A good salary is a reward for laborious work. So if you discover you aren’t earning as you ought to be as a full-time job worker, then it’s the moment where you ponder picking up a part-time job because your bills aren’t going to pay themselves. What are some benefits of a job paying $40 an hour?

• Time flexibility, or the capacity to schedule your work hours.

• No age restrictions — These positions are open to people of all ages.

• High pay: You can expect to make between $40 and $50 per hour.

• More free time with the family.

• Less anxiety and no monthly goal.


How Much is $40 a Year per Hour?

According to research, the typical American works 8.8 hours per day and 44 hours per week. According to the data cited above, a wage of $40 per hour equates to $352 per day, $1,760 per week, $7,040 per month, and approximately $84,480 per year. This equation now depends on how many hours you work each day, week, and month.

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As can be seen, the average part-time worker makes almost more money each year than the average full-time worker.

What Jobs Pay $40 an Hour?

Numerous flexible part-time employment offers decent pay while allowing you to focus on other obligations. Even though Payscale’s research has shown that the average hourly income in the United States is $16, some people make between $30 and $40 per hour. Let’s briefly review the list of part-time occupations that pay at least $40 per hour without further ado.

Freelance Writer

One of the highest-paying online occupations nowadays that pays at least $40 per hour is freelance writing. You can find writing jobs from companies wanting to recruit talented writers on various freelance websites.

You should equip yourself with compelling writing and communication abilities and computer and laptop proficiency to land a freelance writer job. If you possess all the required abilities, it is a given that you will make between $30 and $40 for every piece as an amateur and between $100 and $1500 for an expert. and Fiverr stand out among other websites for writing jobs.


Makeup Artist

Becoming a makeup artist is another part-time occupation that pays $40 or more. You can charge by the hour or the person in this job, and you’ll still be paid well. According to the US Bureau of Labor, makeup artists are becoming the top-paid job in the cosmetology sector. To start, all that is necessary to produce outstanding results is to know how to apply makeup beautifully. It is best to have a certificate from a cosmetology school to be taken seriously as a professional.

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Tutors have always been highly sought after because they help students achieve academic brilliance before entering college and while in college, which is the only priority in the twenty-first century. As a result, to get decent scores, parents and kids must spend $40 or more. Your academic record and strong communication abilities are vital requirements for this hourly-paying position. Depending on your skill set, you can expect to make $30 to $100 per hour on average.


Another lucrative side gig is working as a translator or interpreter. Companies with overseas offices may directly employ translators or use third-party services to assist with translation. Fluency in at least two languages other than your mother tongue, adequate syntactic abilities, and good grammar are requirements. You can expect to make $40 to $50 per hour as a translator, depending on the assignment.


For people looking for part-time employment, bartending jobs frequently pay well on the weekends. Depending on the kind of people and bar you usually frequent, your average income can range from $10 to $75. You must be at least 21 years old and enroll in mixology or bartending training before you can start.

Massage Therapist

Massages are necessary to reduce stress and pressure from our daily tasks. It is a prerequisite for living a healthy life. As a result, there is a growing need for massage therapists and another way to work part-time and make a solid living. A certification in anatomy, physiology, or other related studies is a crucial prerequisite. A skilled massage therapist’s hourly wage is roughly $60, and their work is primarily scheduled according to appointments.


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Personal Trainer

Getting a job as a personal trainer will be an excellent option if you are a certified athlete or enjoy exercising. Personal trainers typically collaborate with customers to develop a fitness program and exercise regimen tailored to their needs. They ensure the client completes all required duties to accomplish their objectives. They typically make between $40 and $50 per hour.

Dog Walker

Even though dog walking is frowned upon, it is one of those part-time jobs that pays well. Along with providing extra income, taking the dog for walks helps keep your body in shape. As a dog walker, you can look after someone else’s pet while they are away or otherwise occupied. If owners stay longer, you can charge $300 per week in exchange for your services. You are compensated between $15 and $50 per hour. Attend a training course to gain the knowledge necessary to understand how dogs and other animals behave to be regarded as an expert.


In conclusion, many high-paying jobs do not require a college degree. These careers offer competitive salaries of $40 or more per hour. They can provide an excellent opportunity for those looking to start a new career or earn more money in their current job. Whether you are interested in skilled trades, healthcare, technology, or another field, there are plenty of options. It is vital to research the requirements and potential earnings for each job and to consider your skills and interests when deciding on a career path. With the proper training and experience, you can find a high-paying job without a degree.

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