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Top15 High-Paying Photography Jobs You Can Apply for in 2023

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If you want to take your photography career to the next level, now is a great time to explore the many high-paying photography jobs available in 2023. From fashion photography to wildlife photography, there are many exciting opportunities for photographers with the right skills and experience.


As a photographer, you can capture and create stunning images that tell a story, evoke emotion, and inspire action. Whether you’re shooting landscapes, portraits, or events, your skills and creativity are in high demand. And as the world becomes increasingly visual, the demand for talented photographers is only growing.

In this article, we’ll look at 15 of the high-paying photography jobs for 2023, so you can find the right path for your career and earn more money.

High-Paying Photography Jobs


The practice of photography in the twenty-first century has developed to include learning new techniques like editing and filmmaking. It is no longer restricted to just shooting explicit photos with a camera. It may be thrilling and pleasant to indulge in a hobby through a camera lens and make money from it. The freedom to use your God-given gift, a sense of control over your life, the opportunity to meet many people, including celebrities, the ability to travel to some of the most intriguing locations in the world, and, of course, a good salary are all benefits of photography.

According to ZipRecruiter, as of July 2021, photographers in the United States made an average monthly salary of between $200 and $3,593. As a result, the money earned is solely based on the photographer’s level of expertise (creative talent), geographic area (location of opportunities), and years of experience.

However, many prospects for promotion and higher compensation depend on skill level, location, and years of experience, as indicated by the fact that the average salary range for a photographer varies (by as much as $2,000).

Photographers can make money in many ways, including selling prints, retouching photos, doing photo shoots, relaunching a blog, publishing their work in the media, competing in photography contests, and mentoring. Your abilities and interests will determine how you can make money with your photography.

How much do photographers earn in each state of America?

According to a poll by, the average yearly salary for a regular photographer in the United States is $43,000. Following are the earnings made by photographers in each state in the US:


  1. Alabama – $16.82 per hour
  2. Arkansas – $17.80 per hour
  3. California – $16.29 per hour
  4. Colorado – $14.63 per hour
  5. Alaska – $24.21 per hour
  6. Arizona – $$13.93 per hour
  7. Connecticut – $15.64 per hour
  8. Delaware – $16.59 per hour
  9. District of Columbia – $20.56 per hour
  10. Florida – $$14.87 per hour
  11. Georgia – $$13.14 per hour
  12. Hawaii – $15.21 per hour
  13. Idaho – $13.46 per hour
  14. Illinois – $12.83 per hour
  15. Indiana – $18.03 per hour
  16. Iowa – $13.87 per hour
  17. Kansas – $15.37 per hour
  18. Kentucky – $16.73 per hour
  19. Louisiana – $14.76 per hour
  20. Maine – $43.38 per hour
  21. Maryland – $13.77 per hour
  22. Nebraska – $32.87 per hour
  23. Nevada – $13.72 per hour
  24. Massachusetts – $17.08 per hour
  25. Montana – $12.78 per hour
  26. New Hampshire – $14.11 per hour
  27. New Jersey – $15.23 per hour
  28. North Carolina – $13.58 per hour
  29. Oklahoma – $11.72 per hour
  30. North Dakota: $16.63 per hour
  31. Ohio: $14.37 per hour
  32. New Mexico – $17.26 per hour
  33. New York – $17.00 per hour
  34. Oregon – $15.72 per hour
  35. Pennsylvania – $15.73 per hour
  36. Rhode Island – $17.85 per hour
  37. South Carolina – $12.99 per hour
  38. South Dakota – $20.60 per hour
  39. Tennessee – $14.73 per hour
  40. Texas – $21.51 per hour
  41. Utah – $15.42 per hour
  42. Vermont– $42.46 per hour
  43. Michigan –$17.41 per hour
  44. Minnesota–$17.81 per hour
  45. Virginia –$14.59 per hour
  46. Washington – $20.77 per hour
  47. West Virginia –$16.56 per hour
  48. Mississippi –$26.71 per hour
  49. Missouri –$14.24 per hour
  50. Wisconsin –$14.24 per hour
  51. Wyoming –$17.15 per hour
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What is a professional photographer’s salary?

In the United States, a professional photographer makes an average monthly compensation of $11,000 and an annual salary that ranges from $29,000 (25th percentile) to $40,000 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) making $55,000.


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Top 15 High-Paying Photography Jobs You Can Apply for in 2023

As a photographer, you can choose to specialize in any highly lucrative industry of your choosing, such as:

  1. Photojournalism 
  2. Freelance photography 
  3. Photo retoucher
  4. Lighting technician
  5. Fashion photography
  6. Real Estate Photography
  7. Portrait photography
  8. Landscape and nature photography 
  9. Photo Editor
  10. Photographer assistant
  11. Stylist.
  12. Wedding photography
  13. Makeup artist
  14. Model
  15. Commercial photography

Photo Editor

Photo editors are responsible for improving the designs and graphics of images after they have been taken. While some picture editors work for themselves, others are employed by media outlets, including magazines, websites, blogs, etc. Photo editors adjust lighting, exposure, color, saturation, and other variables using specialist software to enhance the image’s appearance.

Photo editors adjust lighting, exposure, color, saturation, and other variables using specialist software to enhance the image’s appearance. It is one of the best-paying photography occupations, with an average pay of $16.10 per hour.

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Photographer’s Assistant

A photographer’s assistant assists the photographer with any task required before, during, and following a shooting, much like any other type of helper. Tasks include making arrangements with customers for a photo session, booking studios or the desired location, and ensuring that additional lighting is ready and available for an image. Additionally, a photographer’s helper aids with photo processing. They are paid an hourly wage of about $14.33.



A stylist gives a model the right wardrobe for a specific picture shoot. Most of the time, they work for magazines and fashion journals to design the ideal appearance for a photograph. They are incredibly imaginative people who use their understanding of fashion to give the director of a shoot the costume they want. An hourly stylist’s wage is roughly $14.80.

Wedding Photographer

The most paid photographers in the business are wedding photographers. These workers, who get roughly $17.24 per hour, record every event is leading up to and including a wedding. They try to get beautiful interactions between the couples and visitors. Depending on their preferences, these images are later edited by a wedding photographer, who then provides the customer with either physical or digital copies.


A person who uses images to tell stories is a photojournalist. They typically concentrate on trending topics, current events, or the development of a news story. They are skilled at taking, editing, and arranging images to tell a story. Photographers can work for magazines, websites, or as independent contractors. A photojournalist’s annual income is roughly $35,751.

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Freelance photographer

An independent photographer owns and runs their photography studio. They choose and accept tasks based on their schedules and areas of interest. An independent photographer might have their studio, but it’s still preferable to shoot at the client’s preferred location. Depending on their level of expertise and the number of contracts they land, they typically make $36.71 per hour.

In conclusion, given our media-driven society, photography is one of the highest-paying professions in the twenty-first century, with even more employment options for photographers. It will help if you become an authority in a lucrative area to become the highest-paid photographer.


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